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"Women, Men's Clothing
and DOLL's Clothing of all Nations
even BARBIE cloths."

"We can make any clothing you may want!"
make dolls clothing
SPECIAL ON "CAMO waist SHORT hooded JACKET - only $39.95"
"Do Not Miss Out!!!!!!!"

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theatrical collectibles and vintage old 1940's kilts clothing styled tux that you need old 1940's kilts clothing old 1940's vests made to styled needed

OLD COMMERCIAL -"1950's Vintage & Design on Request"



"VINTAGE - SATINS, LACE, & more WW 2 Uniforms, German, Russian, British, US, & Volunteers"
"PRESENTLY - ADDING - FREE PICTURES of items you can down load, at bottom of page.


old 1940's vests made

---item V. "VEST" - 1950's to the 1970's, - from France & USA, the French are the same, except they are lined heavier & we only have a few left for $68.00 FOB Dallas.
We do make exact copies of the USA & French vests for only $48.95 unlined (w/out belt).
The LINED with reverse facing & with a bright plaid of the 1950's (belted in back) for $69.95 FOB Dallas.

old 1940's kilts clothing made

---item V1.FRENCH "KILT/SKIRT" 1950's from Paris. (all types & all colors / not one the same - out of 500). Waist on all are tiny from that era (approx. 24 to 31") & the skirt part is knee length - so simple modification can be improvised. Beautiful manufacture during that time (some are dated & mfg. marked). Made from a fine wool / some are heavy weight - but most are light weight wool. cond. is like they just came out of the box. "Really nice". -$34.95 each FOB Dallas,Tx.
We ALTER TO YOUR SIZE - "A CUSTOM FIT for you Only" - in the Popular 18" length - just add $14.95 with each of the Kilt/skirts!
We have all colors & designs or just plain grey's or blacks!
So ask for the color & we will help you!

---ALSO--- --- NAVY TUNIC --- The beautiful gold navy button double breasted German manufacture - full lined - pockets all over - very good cond. Insignias not included(but we will put some with the jacket - all types as they come out of the bag) Sizes S(44, & 48 metrics)M, for $44.95 FOB Dallas, Tx, - size L(52 metrics) for $69.95 ea. FOB Dallas Tx, size XL (56 metrics) for $84.95 FOB, Dallas, Tx.
---item V2. American VINTAGE "LACE" about 1930's - all types - (all colors and styles - (cond. some may need repair or minor stain/one or the other--overall in nice shape but do need cleaning?) Priced by size & they are picked out of a box as they are packed - will be a good average. --- under to 12" square $18.50,.FOB Dallas,Tx. - up to 36" square $58.50, FOB Dallas,Tx. - 36" to largest square (example = a table cloth - some XL)


women's clothing, girls clothing, jrs clothing, boys clothing

(only one of each kind - rare items and from all over the WORLD).

military pants on hand old 1940's kilts clothing military pants on hand swiss military on hand military pants on hand czk military made bomber jackets on hand bomber jackets on hand
military made clothing

---item A. "Hot Pants" - Leather, a pocket in back and stretch top. Newly made soft - great fit. All sizes. For only $85. FOB Dallas.

---itemA1. "CARGO PANTS" - 4 pocket brown Austrian, 5 pocket Swiss red Camo., 4 pocket BLACK CARGO (not shown) (sizes are S, M, L) all are $49.95 each FOB Dallas (for XL add $8.00 extra)
---itemA1a. "Swiss Camo Parka" - multi pockets all over & inside - plus sleeve, (sizes S, M, L) - for only $39.95 FOB Dallas (for XL add $8.00)

---item A-A. TANK TOP / NEW from Sweden. Exotically Long, beautifully colored, soft to the touch. "WOW" size; L to XXL $28.00 each. FOB. Dallas, TX

---item Aa. Neck less - leather with diamond studs, adjustable. For 1 row =$17. For 2 rows $26. for 3 rows $29. all FOB Dallas.

---item Ab. "Berets" - Red, black, blue, some green. All sizes. For $18. with insignia. FOB Dallas.

---item Ac. "IKE" Jacket - Black with gold shoulder boards. Without insignias as shown - but we can put on some East German insignias. Sizes S, M, L. - For $89. FOB Dallas.

---item Ad. "Tank Top" Swedish with German insignia. Or we can put on a Russian Insignia. Sizes - M, L, XL. - For $18.95 FOB Dallas.

---item Ae. "Hot Vest" soft leather great item. All sizes $85. FOB Dallas.SOLD

---item Af. "SATIN's Vintage made in the 1940's - SATINS. During WW 2 women wanted SILK for all types of clothing, but since we were at WAR with Japan (where all the silk came from) they could not get SILK. So France had a material that felt almost like silk but heavier - the American market went for this SATIN material. These garments we have are all out of France from the 1940's. Shown is a vest that we converted from a shirt. Not one are identical in color or button design. The sizes are sml, med, and some large. These go for $39. FOB Dallas, Tx. Also have some vests with a hood and close to waist length. These go for $49. FOB Dallas, Tx. ADD $5.99 for a request of color as to BLUE, or Brown, or Red, or White, or Yellow, - - mention a color you may think of. We will try to come as close as possible. All the colors have a base color like above but each one will have many other colors.
---item Ag. "Buckle & Belt - Russian pre 1991 Soviet with star, hammer & cycle. and with a white belt as shown. Army buckle for $24. also have Navy buckle (star, hammer, cycle, and anchor). for $39. FOB Dallas.

---item Ah. "Czk - CAMO Set" Old style from the 1950's - 1960's. Jacket, pants and cap - all camo color as shown - with the yellow base color. Size is; jacket about 44" to 46", and the pants are 39" Lg. waist. Condition is in excl. for $345. FOB Dallas

ITEM 5a. "OVERALL SHORT" "TANK Black" - OVERALL SHORT - BLACK COTTON - OPEN BACK - with 2 small cargo pockets, - & 2 front button pockets
Adjustable straps, with a lace up front, - size small & medium for $78.95
Size Large & XL for $88.95 all are FOB Dallas
ITEM 5b. "Tank Top or T shirt with German Military Gym Badge"
Soft cotton - ALSO - a "Tank Top White or Bright Yellow" = either for $18.95 FOB Dallas

ITEM 21. DOUBLE BREASTED tan light weight jacket!
Small stand up collar - very well made cotton - washable!
Size - S, M, L, XL women for $26.95 FOB Dallas

Cool Button Front, & above ankle!
(same as Item 4) sizes: M & L - $22.95 FOB Dallas, Tx

---item Aj. - "Swedish IKE Coat" - Cute short to waist - double breasted wool coat with 2 front pockets.
Very well made - in the early 1900's!
Almost a collectors item, or is it?!?!
Size are M to L
Metal buttons with 3 Kings Crowns embossed on each one!
Also single breast little longer
Very good condition, - for only $146.95 FOB Dallas, - only a few left!


---item V1. FRENCH "Kilts/skirt" 1950's from PARIS. (all types & all colors / not one the same - out of 500). Waist on all are tiny from that era (approx. 24 to 31") & the skirt part is knee length - so simple modification can be improvised. Beautiful manufacture during that time (some are dated & mfg. marked). Made from a fine wool / some are heavy weight - but most are light weight wool. cond. is like they just came out of the box. "Really nice". -$39.95 each FOB Dallas, Tx
We ALTER TO YOUR SIZE - "A CUSTOM FIT for you Only" - in the Popular 18" length - just add $18.00 with each of the Kilt/skirts!
We have all colors & designs or just plain grey's or blacks!
So ask for the color & we will help you!


---item V2. American VINTAGE "LACE" - all types - (all colors and styles - (cond. some may need repair or minor stain/one or the other--overall in nice shape but do need cleaning?) Priced by size & they are picked out of a box as they are packed - will be a good average. --- under to 12" square $7.50,.FOB Dallas, Tx. - up to 36" square $24.50, FOB Dallas, Tx. - 36" to largest square (example = a table cloth - some XL)
rare jackets on hand

---item V3. VINTAGE LONG COAT - dark colors (Around 1950's) / black, brown etc. only a few. Nice coats - mostly wools - size are med. & L for men - only $125. each FOB Dallas, Tx

. ----- ----- Do Have a CASHMERE COAT (imported) Dark Grey almost black/buttoned rolled cuffs - in size 44. - good cond. 3/4 length - $285. FOB Dallas Tx
---item V4a. VINTAGE Sport or Formal style Jackets - Dark colors (around 1950's) - only a few - mostly wools sizes med & L for men - only $45. each FOB Dallas, Tx.

Extra: A Black, White or Brown German Military BELT with original Strap, for $48.95 - FOB Dallas, Tx.

original german leather coats

---item A2. 1960's West German Policia Leather (heavy) Jacket -size 46/48"- Dark Border Guard Green. This jacket was used by the West German Guard -- the inside pocket is for a P-38 Pistol & the outside right pocket is a hand cuff holder. This jacket was discontinued in the 1970's. Heavy leather jacket. Very good plus condition. Hard to find. $565. FOB Dallas.

---item A3. African ZULU Vest(Standard British Red & Yellow of wool) wore when carrying the MARTINI Rifle .455 x 577 cal. -- Period of the 1880's. Been in a collection for 30 years. The Vest is in great condition. Cost for vest only - $468.95 FOB Dallas, (This Original ITEM has been Removed, - but we have exact copies!). But we are making copies of it, since this is very rare to find. - Like the original, & only $89.95 FOB Dallas. Please give us a time period to have the correct size made for you.
bomber jackets on hand

original russian coats on hand
---item 5.a RUSSIAN "P" COAT - double breasted/Gold buttons (w/hammer cycle) - (Pre 91 USSR). Nice BLACK "P" coat with GOLD buttons on back also. NO INSIGNIAS - Sizes Med and large $89.95 each( only a few) FOB, Dallas, Tx.
ADD for Insignias shoulder boards Used $12. a pair - new $18. a pair; Officer add New only $22. a pair (Do not have any breast insignias left - only DDR/East German).
---item 5.b SPECIAL "P" Coat. This is the only one I've ever seen. Shown in above middle picture. Size 44 and waist is about 38 - while the best wool (Feels like cashmere). Navy enlisted but it must have been special made. Has the Baltic Fleet shoulder boards, with an arm sleeve insignia for electronics. Very well completely lined with a smooth texture. Used good plus better cond. All Gold Naval buttons with anchor on each. Great item - only one for $238. FOB Dallas, Tx

---item 5.c As Above but DDR ( East German - pre 91 ) light weight - dressy. Navy Blue in sizes small, med., large, for $89.95 FOB, Dallas, Tx.(Do have some DDR breast insignias - price on request)

---item 5.d Russian long black wool winter coats Double Breasted/ med. & large (used with attached gold hammer & cycle star buttons) $139.95 each FOB Dallas, Tx -- Select - better condition for only $149.95 each FOB Dallas, Tx.

original russian navy coats on hand
original russian items on hand

---item 5.e Russian NAVY TUNIC (Dark Navy Blue as to the main color of black) used - all original used as an on ship tunic. Nice good cond. Size is about Med. Have not seen many. Only for $168. FOB Dallas, Tx

---item 5.f Russian WW 11 TUNIC & JODHPUR. Original with insignia on breast, and a Sam brown belt with strap(the Sam brown is newer). Also the Russian boots are of light weight and utility use. For the tunic / jodhpurs & Sam brown belt/strap & insignia - will let them go for $389. FOB Dallas, Tx(as shown in the above picture.)

---item 10. Russian Ushanka (Mil. Fur type hat) Black Navy / only few - used (can not guarantee any size / all are about 7" ?)- $49. each FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 11. Russian " " " " " Grey Army / " " " ( " " " " " / " " " " ")- $49. each FOB Dallas, Tx

---item 13. Russian Buckle/Brass Navy w/Star & Anchor w/ White Belt -almost new- (about 20) $39. each FOB Dallas, Tx

---- ---- The above buckle is shown on the German sleep shirt - worn as above, with 4" slits on each side(bottom), - - - this pullover is a very soft cotton - collar & closing buttons in top front. In olive drab color. $.each FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 14. Russian " " Army " (no anchor) w/White Belt - " " " " $24. each FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 15. Russian WW 2 Garrison Cap (tan) good cond. only a few. $24. each FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 15a. Russian NCO Hat Insignia Star with Hammer/Cycle and wreath around star. $4.85 each FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 17a. Russian Post WW 2 War Tunic Army (brown/tan) size 40 to 42 - only a few - May have insignias NCO or private - sent as they come out of the box. $56. each fob Dallas, Tx
---item 17b. Russian Post WW 2 War "JODHPUR PANTS" - Brown/tan color only a few - $all size are POR (price on request)
---item 19. East German; Long Overcoat (grey/green) wool blend/Double Breasted - Very Good - sizes sml; M; & L. - $37.95 each FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 20. German Ushanka Fur (type) Hat good cond. sizes sml. & med. -$8. each FOB Dallas, Tx

---item 21. German IKE white/shirt - jacket w/silver buttons & 2 flapped pockets (new)-Sizes- sml - med - l -$22.95 each FOB Dallas, Tx.

---item 21a.
SS Panzer "WAFFEN" style gray color with 2 slit front pockets, & one right rear buttoned flap pocket, with belt loops & suspender loops at waist band
- all size are POR (price on request)

Early style U. S. American - 1900 to 1940's
- Tan color, with 2 front slit pockets, & 1 rear flap button pocket, they have belt loops & suspender loops!
"They are a slight taper on the sides!" - all size are POR (price on request)

Panzer style or ridding style - with 2 internal cargo pockets (only can see the external flaps), with 2" belt loops, & suspender loops.
- all size are POR (price on request)

"ALSO" - "CUSTOM FIT TOO!" - We can make your own "JODHPUR"
Using our fabric, - do you want the 1900 Military, & all size are POR (price on request)

WW 2 German style Jodhpurs (black or Army field green/grey or the SS grey, - matching all tunics)
We make these German with 2 slit button pockets in front with a watch pocket, & (SS) 1 rear flap button pocket, - to size 38" waist, for $ POR FOB Dallas
Add $12.50 for bellowing out the sides more!
- U. S. American, & Early Riders, Pilots, etc. - 1800's to 1930's & 1940's - military style or the baggy Commercial style, 2 front button pockets, with Watch Pocket, & 2 rear flap button pockets, - all size are POR (price on request) - Also applies to other Jodhpurs too!

If you want a wide black or red stripe down each leg center, just add $16.00 per pair of Jodhpur!

ITALIAN WW 2 style Jodhpurs (grey/green or blue/grey - see Mussolini below)
We make these with 2 slit pockets in front, all size are POR (price on request)
If you want a wide black stripe down each leg & w/Gold or Red 1/4" center, add $16.00 per Jodhpur!

RUSSIAN WW 2 style Jodhpurs (brown cotton)
These are baggier then the rest!
We make these with 2 slit pockets in front, 1 rear flap pocket & sides buckle cinch, & a button watch pocket, - all size are POR (price on request)

If you want a wide black stripe down each leg & w/Gold or Red 1/4" center, add $16.00 per Jodhpur!

*** NOTE: For JODHPURS EXTRA PADDING, - inside the calf up to the mid - thigh?
Yoke shape on each side of the inside - add $19.95 to any of the above Jodhpurs!

original jackets on hand
---item 22. German BDU - Black Tanker Shirt/Jacket - new - Pocket - sizes-sml, med, L. $24. each FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 23. German BDU - Black Tanker Cargo Pant w/1 slit & 1 lrg. cargo pockets. - new - sizes-sml,med,L. $27.95 each FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 24. German Shirt/Dress (grey/green) w/silver buttons 2 flap pockets w/buttons (very expensive quality) new - sizes sml, med, L. -$18. each FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 25. German Tank Top Yellow w/ rare DDR Seal -sizes sml, med, L, xl $18. each FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 26. German Jodhpur grey pants (ridding style) - all size are POR (price on request)

---item 27. German BDU Rain Camo (tan rain drop w/olive drab background) shirt/jacket (4 flap pockets) w/built in shoulder holster - (ONLY FEW LEFT)very good cond./need washing - size sml to med for$17.95 each FOB Dallas, Tx
size med to L for$22. each FOB Dallas, Tx
size L for$26. each FOB Dallas, Tx (only 100 total approx.)
---item 28. German BDU Rain Camo (tan rain drop w/olive drab background) Pant Cargo w/2 slit pockets & 2 large cargo pockets - (ONLY FEW LEFT) - very good cond./as above size sml or med $22. each FOB Dallas, Tx
size L $26. each FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 29. German Orange MAY DAY Navy Rubber suite w/flotation - in rubber bag only few - used $49.95 each FOB Dallas, Tx

---item 33. German Garrison Cap grey - new - size 6.25 to 7.25"
---item 34. German Visor Hat (mix/used - will be mixed also w/west German) $8. ea.
---item 35. German WW II BROWN leather BELT - Sam Brown style - (Style has 2 hole buckle)sizes 100 to 110 - new for $48. each FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 36. German Suspenders grey new & used(mix)-(med. hvy) for $9. each FOB Dallas, Tx
original german jack boots on hand

---item 37. German BOOTS SOVIET style - black / high (used) good cond. only 50 left - sizes METRIC #26, #27, #28, only (close to beautifully = 7, 8, 9 approx. $79.95 - 10 to 11 $89.95 ea. - 12 to 13 $99.95 ea. - all FOB per pair Dallas, Tx

original german camo on hand

---item 39. West German - SNOW CAMO Jacket light weight (w/buttons or zipper / as they come out of the box) used good - not many - we will always pick you out the best that we have - size sml, med, $34.95 - lrg. $39.95 - XL $44.95 each FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 40. W. German SNOW CAMO pants / light weight - sizes sml, med, $24.95 - lrg & XL $28.95 each FOB Dallas, Tx
SET of each (JACKET & PANT) S & M are $52.95 also L & XL are $64.95 FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 41. W. German Tunic / grey w/silver buttons like WW 2 used - Exactly like Nazi Foreign Legions - "Third Reich" - like 1935 style, with 4 flap pockets, lay down collar, fully lined with a great satin material, - need to be cleaned-sizes 38" to 41" - $58.95 each FOB Dallas, Tx
size 41" to 43" $68.96 FOB Dallas
any size larger add $18.00 for altering!
---item 42. W. German SNOW PONCHO (used need cleaning) full length size fits all - $19.95 each FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 43. W.German BERETS red - sizes 6.5 to 7.25" - $14. ea.
---item 44. W. German TANK TOP (white w/black eagle emblem) used-some slightly marked -- sizes sml, med, L(metrics,5,6,) $14.95 ea.
original french rare camo on hand

---item 47. French RARE ALGERIAN CAMO PONCHO/shelter quarter - made in 1950's only (in triangle shape / reverse side is all tan color) each $129.95 FOB Dallas, Tx

making british jackets

---item 48. British JUNGLE WW 2 to 1950's Jacket/tan sizes sml to med only - each $164.95 FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 49a. British Jungle WW II to 1950 Tunic - O D green, fair cond. - med only - each $164.95 FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 49b. British Jungle WW II Tunic "Marked 1945 inside" - O D , med size, fair cond. - only one for $199.95 FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 50. " Tan (high collar) WW 1 style "RARE" ? Drill Jacket (no buttons), been in a den for 30 years, - v.g. shape - Each $234.95 FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 51. Swed TANK TOP - extremely long - wool color - new --- sizes 6 & 7 (L & XL) - supper item - each $24.95 FOB Dallas, Tx

---item 52. German SMOCK (new) cotton -2 pocket - w/ hood - mustard color - size med, L, XL.- each $24. FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 53. German SMOCK (new) " " " "/ " red color - size med, L, XL. - each $26. FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 54. Dutch O.D. TANK TOP w/ BW Black Eagle Emblem. new - sizes med, L - each $18. FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 55. German GYM SHORTS RED - sml. back pocket - new - $7.45 - FOB Dallas, Tx

original spanish insignias on hand
---item 57. East German Tanker pants (early style before rain camo) have only in big sizes (top cond.) size metrics = 44, 48( 48 = 36" to 38" waist ), and 52, 56, 60( 60 = 48" to 50" waist ) -"WOW"- (2 slit pockets and 2 large cargo pockets) each $48.95 FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 60. RUSSIAN WW 2 orig. leather belts / wide for the mil. buckle -used-need cleaning- RARE FIND- each $18. FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 63. JAP KOMONA orig. old 40 yrs's or older - all unique - SILK ONLY & heavy - POR - FROM $150. UP - (only about 10 ?)
---item 66. Dutch Pant - Sleep/long leg (solid black color) w/ white buttons in front- each $10. FOB Dallas, Tx

original russian buttons on hand

---item 67. Russian Army Gold Buttons w/ star, hammer & cycle new - prior 1991 - during CCCP (Soviet Communism) 100 loose for $60. or -- 1000 per ORIGINAL tied & sealed box for $200. FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 68. U.S. WW 2 Army Parka (brown/od) w/imitation. fur inside of hood /coat lined w/alpaca - U.S. Air Force printed insignia on sleeve w/flying wings. (needs some cloth repair/all intact but fragile cond,) Rare - only one - $395. FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 69. U.S. WW 2 Army wool coat for front line duty to keep warm - thick wool - very good cond. - only one -$265. FOB Dallas, Tx

---item 75. French Cargo Pants OD color - 2 large cargo pockets & 2 slash front pockets - Zipper front. 1990's mfg. Very good plus cond. Size 30" to 34" - May have a mark of minor ink that can be removed. Light weight material. (good looking pant) $28.95 each FOB Dallas, Tx. -

---item 77. Russian FUR - USHANKA - large size(only one) - well made - beautiful style - "FOX" w/brown leather top. $198.95 FOB Dallas Tx

---item 78. WW 2 - PEARL(mother of pearl) BUTTON w/SILVER Shank (eye). Beautiful blue color. Not to sure about the story - but they were for the US Govt., and never used????????? -- 10 for $48. FOB Dallas, Tx

---item 80. RUSSIAN LAMBS WOOL HAT - beautiful silver grey - In very good cond. - Lined - (not really sure that it is lambs wool - might be some other fur from Russia? Only one. $185. FOB Dallas Tx

---item 85. RUSSIAN SPOTTING SCOPE 16 power X 30 wide, Great OPTICS. Light weight wood frame GREAT for BOATS -- " IT FLOATS " also with a case that seals and will float. The case has a nylon strap. Great for SPORTING ANY WHERE. $89. FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 86. SPI CAMERA made by YASHICA Model # ATORON. 8 MM - Has a filter - And meter - very good cond. Size is about 3/4" X 1 3/8" X 4"LONG. The 8 mm is to be rolled. There is or was a film supplier in NEW YORK. The first $188.00 buys it (only one). This is FOB< Dallas, Tx
---item 87. DUTCH MILITARY CAPE. Canvas mfg. - 4 button with a high collar, that buttons around front for bad weather. - looks like British Bobby type - O.D. color. very good plus cond. $68. FOB Dallas, Tx

---item 88. German IKE Jacket. Grey, mixed cotton & wool blend. Medium weight, - have a few of these in sizes sml(44m), med(48), L to xl (52). Great looking piece for only $68. Each FOB, Dallas, Tx
---item 89. BRITISH WW II Black Long OVERCOAT - "CIVIL DEFENSE" Specifically used for Civil Defense - Buttons have the Brit. Crown and the letters "C D"(for civil defense), shoulder strap, half silk lined, wool feels like cashmere, Owners serial number is marked inside. Has two covered slit pockets and a very long coat. Probably issued to Air Force Spotters. What a great item for just casual wear or history. Condition is very good to excl.. - Only $448. FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 91. SWEDISH " BUSH JACKET " Tan color, - steel buttons with the 3 Swedish. crowns on ea. button, - 4 pockets, - large collar, - (with no insignias- but we can send some insignias that would be with it). Very Good Cond. PLUS. Has Swedish label inside. $89. FOB Dallas, TX
---item 92. FRENCH OVERCOAT Wool - Foreign Legion - Brown khaki, Very well made, 2 huge outside pockets & 2 inside pockets. Upper half inside lined. Size about Med. Long length. Excl. cond., Marked inside = "ARMEE / 4 - 1952". Also marked size 22 and "ARQUEMBOURG / LILLE". - ONLY ONE $119. FOB Dallas, Tx
---item 94. West German NAVAL 3/4 length , Dark navy blue color - beautiful coat. - LISTEN TO THIS - it has "INTELLIGENT MARKED BUTTONS". But the problem is that the buttons are American. Oh well it looks great - who'll know!!!!!!!????? Size med. to large. Only one again - for super shape - for $166. FOB Dallas, Tx

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"Measuring for Coats,
Tunics, Pants, & Jodhpurs!"

Please follow the arrows on the photo:

Chest with jacket on!
Length of coat (shoulder seam to bottom).
Cuffs if Desired!

Tunics (Jackets):
Same as above plus measure waist!
Cuffs extra on Jackets, not on Tanker Tunic!

Pants, & Jodhpurs:
Hips if necessary!
Top of pant to floor (with reg. shoes)!
Knee center to floor!
Dress Pants = top of pant to desired bottom!

POLICIES: All items procured are returnable then for exchange with any other or the same item! As long as they are in the same condition as first received! All rentals are not refundable after returning! Thank you for your patronage!

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